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About Us

Stéphane Legloux en la consulta

Stéphane Le Gloux

  • Doctor of chiropractic from Frech-European College of Chiropractic (IFEC).

  • Doctor of Chiropractic, ECU (European Chiropractors' Union)

  • Member of AEQ: Spannish Chiropractic Association

  • Languages: Spannish, English, French

  • Development Chiropractic in Spain: Cataluña y País Vasco, Peru: Lima.

  • Passion of sports, specific in golf

  • Living in Mallorca since 2019

Technics we use in Quiropractico Palma

In Quiropráctico Palma we are focus on global technics and we stay up to date.

⇾  TBM (Total Body Modification)

Organic technic, relation spine/organ, reprogramming our inside computer.

⇾  SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technic)

Devolving the balance between sacro and occiput, stabilizing the pelvis and posture, releasing the meninges.

⇾  HIO (Hole in One)

Hole In One, realine C1/C2, founder technic of Chiropractic

⇾  Thompson

Table drop Technic.

⇾  Activator

Specific Tool Adjustment.

⇾  Diversified

Most used technic for spine adjustments.

⇾  ABC(Advanced Biostructural Correction)

meningeal release, deep nervous tensions out and improving function and posture, like head foward of your shoulders.

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