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Chiropractic in sport

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Chiropractic in sport

Every sport has its injuries of type of movement we do.
In Chiropractic, we help to prevent and recover these injuries.
Most of injuries we see:

  • Back pain, tensions and blocks.
  • Shoulders problems.
  • Tendonitiss.
  • Hips problems.
  • Spains, most ankles.
  • Knee injuries.

Chiropractic and golf

Even if golf is a "stationary" sport when we hit the ball, we use all our body to do a "swing". Feet, ankles, hips, spine, shoulders, arms, elbow, wrists, fingers and cervicals. At the moment for the "swing", the player needs a very good flexibility and mobility to have the highest efficiency as possible. A little block in your body will cause tension and for consequences compensations for the lack of mobility.

If we stay a long time with pain without taking care of them, can be since childhood, our "swing" won't be with fluidity and these compensations we are doing will wear out the body little by little. Most of injuries we see in golf practice, are on the lower back of the spine. This pain could help to cause hernia disc, due to the movement on flexion and rotation. An important cause we have to pay attention is the lack of mobility of our body that we are going to force it to compensate it, is the moment we go for injuries. At the same time using a non adaptable material to play will cause the same, too heavy, too light, too stiff, too soft... We recommend having adaptable material to our "swing".

In Quiropractico Palma we used to play for more than 20 years, we see and help to recover from injuries and the years of experience help us at the time to find possible causes at the time to do the "swing", for the standing or just for the "grip" force. All these information can help you PRO to adapt your swing at your body's configuration and avoid futur injuries or past relapses.